Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fifth Month

With Poppa and GiGI
The fifth month has been another exciting month (like I am sure they all will be)!  This month was our second round of vaccines.  Farrah did very good.  She only ran a low fever for one day which was much better than the two days with the first round.  She did have bruising from the shots this time though.  I was finishing up the last little bit of the school year and looking forward to my summer off with Farrah.  Farrah was busy finding her feet, figuring out how to get her new found feet in her mouth, and trying new foods.  She also started making a new noise and grabbing/holding things.  But, the big excitement was starting solids this month (around 19 weeks).  We started with a tablespoon of rice cereal at her 6:00pm feeding.  Our doctor told us to replace a bottle with a solid.  For the first few days, we still gave her 2 ounces of formula after the cereal since, from the look of her bib, she may not have been swallowing all of the cereal.  She quickly got very good at eating from a spoon.  After about a week, we upped the cereal to two tablespoons and stopped giving her the formula.  After two weeks on the cereal, we added in squash.  She did not seem to like it at all for the first couple of days.  Now, she loves it!
Farrah's First Solid
Got it!

Farrah's Schedule 
6:30-7:30 - Bottle and Wake-time
7:30-9:00 - Nap
9:00-10:30 - Bottle and Wake-time
10:30-12:00 - Nap
12:00-1:30 - Bottle and Wake-time
1:30-3:00 - Nap
3:00-4:30 - Bottle and Wake-time
4:30-5:30/6 - Nap Sometimes (This is around the time we are getting home.)
6:00-7:00 - 2 Tbsp. Cereal and Wake-time
7:00-8/8:30 - Nap (sometimes)
8/8:30 - Bottle and Bedtime

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